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Mission II Haiti is a non-profit organization that is aided by the Rotary Dawn Club of Kearney Nebraska. Volunteers travel from the Central Nebraska Area to Cap-Haitien, Haiti. They provide services such as providing and repairing water wells in order for the citizens of Haiti to receive water for bathing and laundry. This is their main effort while there. They also provide multiple other services that  help the Haitien people. Thus far, they have distributed over 4,000 pillowcase dresses which were made by women of Greater Nebraska. They bought shoes for the students that are getting an education as well as many other smaller tasks. Mission II Haiti helps to improve the lives of those living in the poorer  communities. Below are the main projects that we undertake which you can contribute. Take a look.

Water Projects

Mission II Haiti has repaired and maintains over 200 water wells in Northern Haiti.  Open wells are also covered and sealed with a new pump. Click on the link below. We will show you how we improve lives. We are helping this developing country become developed. We are trying our hardest to provide the people of Haiti with water for bathing and laundry.

Hand Up's

While in Haiti, the Rotarians met with many families. These families have nothing. Nothing but pride. One woman said that she does not want hand-outs, she wants hand ups. She did not want money given to her, she needed to earn it. She made hand-made dolls. The money made from these dolls goes towards four different families in Haiti.

Shoes for School

The kids at school have to be dressed in uniforms. We have uniforms in the United States but most people can afford to purchase more than one to interchange every day. Kearney Rotary was able to provide these dress shoes to go along with their uniforms. Now they don't have to feel so dirty from walking around barefoot or in flip flops.

New Dresses

In Haiti, we provided these dresses for some of the girls there. They are made out of pillowcases and very simple. You can tell by the picture that they look great and make the girls and women happy. They get to wear something more feminine and unique.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in seeing what Mission II Haiti is all about? Come to one of our events. Maybe we can convince you that giving back is good for the soul.

If that still isn't enough, check our our newsletters.

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